Jashae Slaughter
Jashae Slaughter is a Saginaw-born photographer who specializes in shooting with vintage lenses. The results are images full of warmth, passion and creativity that would make any art lover jealous. He enjoys Street Photography and incorporates it into his style. He loves doing portraits with photogenic models, as well as traveling to capture nature's beauty in all its glory.
Dezy Slaughter
Dezy Slaughter, a talented photographer from Ionia, Michigan, gracefully balances her passion for capturing moments with her role as a devoted mother. Homeschooling her three children, she nurtures a loving environment while pursuing her artistry. Dezy's captivating photographs showcase the beauty of animals and the vibrant energy of live events. With genuine warmth, she forges connections with her subjects, ensuring memorable experiences. Her unwavering dedication and creative vision shine through in her work, offering exceptional results and an inspiring example of balancing motherhood and art.
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